Two Ways To Fix Your Furnace And Air Conditioner

There are so many simple way to increase the power of your air conditioner. You can check and repair many points in your air conditioning and duct system. There are many simple checks that you can do in a matter of minutes. In some cases you will be able to immediately diagnose and fix the problem without any special tools. Alternatively, you might need to call in an HVAC specialist to fix the problem. This article explains 2 simple checks and repairs that you can do completely on your own.

Check the Cleanliness of Your Furnace Filter

You might be asking "What does my furnace filter have to do with my air conditioner?" In fact, it has a lot to do with the airflow of your AC unit. This is because most central HVAC system use the pump in the furnace to circulate air, whether the AC or the furnace is running. So, if you furnace filter is dirty and clogged, you AC will not be as efficient. Luckily, it is very simple to inspect and replace your filter.

First, find the filter. It is usually in a separate compartment with a small hinged door. In some furnaces the filter is inside, near the pump. You will need to remove the access door to find it. The filter slides right out of the furnace very easily. If it seems like the filter is clean, just put it back in place. However, if it seems dirty, you can easily find an affordable replacement at most home improvement stores.

Clean the Furnace Pump

Since you already have the furnace pump access door open, you should inspect it as well. The pump is vital in the circulation of air. If the pump fan has dirt and dust caked on it, you should vacuum it out thoroughly. A hose vacuum makes this job very easy. You should clean out the entire compartment because there is bound to be dust build up throughout. If it seems like your pump has an excess amount of dust, you might want to have your furnace professionally serviced. It could be a sign that there is a more serious problem with you furnace.

These 2 simple checks won't take up much time. All you will really need is a hose vacuum and a screwdriver to remove the pump access door. Some doors even pop right off without any tools. If you encounter bigger problems than you can handle, call a company like Bristol Heating & Air Conditioning​.