Tips For Preventing Your Home's Sewer Line From Becoming Clogged

Sewer line problems can create a host of issues for homeowners, and this is a problem that many new homeowners may make the error of failing to properly consider. New homeowners sometimes make mistakes that can cause the home's sewer line to more likely become clogged. You can use these two tips to help ensure that this is a problem that you avoid in the future.

Protect Your Sewer Lines From The Washing Machine

You may be surprised to learn that your washing machine can pose a serious threat for clogging your sewer lines. This happens because lint and other debris from the clothes can start to accumulate in the pipes. Eventually, this can completely stop the flow of water, which can lead to major backups inside your home.

To save your home from this problem, you should install a filter for your washing machine's drainage line. This filter will intercept these particles before they are able to accumulate and cause issues in the pipes. You will need to change or wash this filter at least once a month to ensure that it functions correctly, but these simple devices can drastically reduce the chances that your home encounters a plumbing-related issue.

Keep Your Pipes Safe From Tree Roots

Another source of clogs for sewer lines is when roots grow into the pipes. This happens because the roots are attracted to the water flowing through the pipes. When the root enters the pipes, it block the flow of water, and if the root is large enough, it may rupture the pipe.

Fortunately, you can mitigate this problem through a couple of different ways. One of the more common ways for addressing this problem is to install physical root barriers. While these barriers are effective, they will require excavation to install. For those who want to avoid major excavation work, it is possible to install chemical barriers. This type of system will gradually release a blend of chemicals that will prevent the roots from growing too close to the pipes.

Plumbing problems come in a variety of issues, and clogged sewer lines are particularly common. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware of the simple steps that they can take to prevent these issues. Having an awareness of the threat that your washing machine can pose to the sewer line as well as how to keep roots out of it can help you to keep your home as safe as possible from these types of plumbing problems.  

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