Common Commercial Ice Machine Problems

If you work in a restaurant or a store where a large commercial ice machine is used, you know how important it is to your business. Broken or non-working ice machines can cost you a lot of money as well as cause lost food. If you're dealing with some issues with your ice machine, check for some of these common problems before you contact a repair company, such as Valley Refrigeration.

Machine Not Filling Up

People often unplug their ice machines at the end of the night in order to save on power. But the reality is that when you unplug the machine, it can cause it to take even longer to work properly when you plug it back in. Unplugging the machine can be taxing on the motor, resulting in it taking longer to fill up quickly. It is advised that you leave the machine running all night in order to keep it running to its full capacity.

Water Buildup

In some cases, water can start to build up inside of the bin where the supply is held. Most commonly this is caused by something that has been thrown into the drain. Look and see if you can find anything that may have been tossed near the drain such as a rag or other object. If the drain is blocked, it will cause water to build up and make a mess.

Ice not Producing

A common issue with commercial ice machines is that they stop producing ice altogether. This can happen for a few reasons, but the main issue in this case is because there has been some kind of disruption to the water or power supply. Make sure the machine is plugged in and that there is power running to it. Then, check the water line to ensure that water is flowing freely. A clogged line can also be a cause of the problem. If there have been changes made to the water system such as the addition of a large dishwasher or coffee maker, it can reduce the water flow to the ice machine, resulting in less ice being produced.


Since ice machines require heavy use of water flow, it's not uncommon for them to leak from time to time. First you need to check the source of the leak. Some common areas include the supply line, the storage bin, or the inside of the machine itself. Once you determine the source of the leak you can decide how to go about making repairs. Seals can come lose or hoses can be compromised, and those are usually easy fixes. As you learn more about how your ice machine operates, it will be easier to troubleshoot and fix it, saving you time and money.