Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Replacing Your AC Unit's Metal Plating

Whether you're replacing an outdoor AC unit's fan motor or just want to clear away ice from its most vulnerable parts, you'll need to remove and reapply the metal panels on the unit's exterior every once in awhile. However, depending on how old your unit is, going through this process carelessly could lead to holes developing between the panels, which will unduly expose its interior to the elements. To protect your AC unit, keep these three pitfalls in mind when you're replacing its metal plating.

Leaving All The Electrical Wires In A Tangled Mess

Most of the time, at least one or two of the removable metal panels on your AC unit will sit very close to a tangle of wires leading into and out of motors and other moving parts of the machine. Before you put the relevant panels back on, sort through these wires and organize them so that they take up as little space as possible.

This is especially important if the work you're doing in the unit forces you to move the wire clump from one position to another. Carelessness here could mean that one or more of the wires, pushed too far away from the unit as a result of your work, gets stuck on and severed by the edge of a panel as you're pushing it in place.

Not Screening The Unit For Stray Leaves And Branches

To prevent gaps from developing in the spaces around panels, it's imperative that you search all the areas on the unit that they will touch for stray leaves, branches, and other debris. Don't just do this right after you remove the panels; on a windy day, debris can get pushed into areas where it can cause damage while all your attention is occupied with repair work.

You can clear out the debris with your bare hands or you can use a rag with a mild cleaning solution such as diluted vinegar. If you decide to use chemicals, cover the more sensitive parts of your unit's interior with small towels or washcloths.

Paying Too Little Attention To The Integrity Of The Unit's Screws

The older your AC unit is, the more likely it is that the screws holding down the panels are too faded and rusty for you to ever screw them on tightly again. In this case, instead of running the risk of one or more panels falling off your unit, take the screws to your local department store. Use them to figure out what size of new screws you need.

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