Going Green With Your AC: The 411 On Geothermal HVAC

From plumbing for washing clothes and bathing to electrical for streaming television and lighting your house, it is easy to see why your home systems are so essential. Unfortunately, you may not understand the imperative nature of your heating and air system. Not only does this system help you and your family stay cool and warm through the different systems, but the HVAC system also removes stagnant air and humidity that can become dangerous. Of course, this requires a good amount of energy. While shocking for most people to learn, heating and cooling uses half of your home's total energy. Thankfully, you can heat and cool your home while conserving energy. With this guide, you will understand how going geothermal will help you go green.

Understanding Geothermal

Geothermal systems work in a similar way as your refrigerator. This important appliances removes heat from its interior and transfers it to the kitchen. Your geothermal heat pump will work in the same manner, removing heat from the interior of your home and transferring it outside. However, you probably do not realize how this heat transferring is accomplished.

A series of pipes are installed in the ground and connected to a heat pump at your home. The system uses the ground's natural heat to condition the air inside your home.  In the cooler seasons when you need to heat your home, water is absorbed from the ground, heated, and then moved into the house. During the summer and warmer seasons, water is absorbed from the ground, cooled, and transferred into your house for cooling purposes.

Tremendous Benefits

The use of the ground's natural heat reduces the amount of energy you need for heating and cooling the home. The total amount of energy savings is difficult to determine, since there are variables that come into play including your local climate and desired temperatures. On average, geothermal heat pump systems can reduce heating costs by 30 to 60 percent and cooling costs by 20 to 50 percent.

Since going green and saving money are so appealing, potential buyers will be more interested in a home with a geothermal system. Installing the system may be a large expense, but it will be a worthwhile investment if you ever need to sell your home.

Your heating and cooling system does not have to be overwhelming and expense. By going green with geothermal, you can increase efficiency, save money, and add value to your home. For more information on HVAC installation and repair, visit websites like http://www.capefearair.com.