Just Get A New Air Conditioner? Know The Maintenance You Should Be Doing

Did you recently replace your old air conditioner with a brand new one? If so, you most likely want to know the maintenance you should be doing to the unit to keep the air conditioner running as long as possible. A new air conditioner is a fresh start when it comes to maintaining it, which is why you should be doing the following things to extend its life.

Filter Replacement

If you only do one thing to maintain your air conditioning unit, it should be to replace the filter regularly. All air produced by the air conditioner passes through the filter, and when it becomes clogged and dirty, it reduces the airflow that the unit produces. This causes the entire unit to run inefficiently soon after it is installed. In addition, and air that gets past a dirt filter will not be as clean, which reduces that air quality in your home.

Air filter replacement also helps keep energy costs down. While your new air conditions is already much more efficient compared to the old unit, air filter replacement will help keep the costs low to keep it running.

It is best to always have a replacement filter on hand to avoid the excuse of needing to head out to the store immediately to get one. Your new unit may have a reusable filter that needs to be cleaned, making the filter replacement process even easier.

Coil Cleaning

Your air conditioner has a condenser and evaporator coil, which are crucial components of the system. They are the contact point that warm air passes over, which dirt that collects on the coils over time can cause problems. While a clean air filter helps prevent dirt from collecting on the coils, you'll also need to clean to coils over time. If not, the coils will not be able to absorb heat from the air and cool it down.

Try to make cleaning the coils of the air conditioner a task that you do every year, preferably in the spring before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time. This can help ensure that all the dust that has settled over the coils since last year is gone.

There are just a few things you should be doing to maintain your new air questions. Ask your HVAC technician what else you should be doing to maintain it during the initial installation. They can give you specific information regarding your specific unit.