Keep Your Children Safe With These HVAC Safety Tips

You've covered your wall outlets, placed locks on your cabinets and put all of your knives and other sharp objects out of reach. After all of this, you probably think you've successfully childproofed your home. However, there's one aspect of your home you've probably overlooked -- your HVAC system.

There's plenty about your HVAC system that could pose a danger to it and your children. The following shows how you can keep your kids safe by making your HVAC system safer.

Keep Your Thermostat and Remote Controls Out of Reach

Kids are curious by nature, and a thermostat or remote control that's in easy reach can prove too tempting for kids to ignore. Messing with the thermostat not only adds unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system, but it can also lead to a house that's too hot or too cold for your children to handle.

Make sure your HVAC thermostat is located high enough off the ground so that younger children won't be able to reach it. Keeping your thermostat about four to five feet above the ground should do the trick. If your HVAC system uses remote controls, make sure they're put away in a lockable drawer or cabinet or anywhere that's high enough to be out of reach of the average child.

Place Barriers Around Your Outdoor Cabinet

You want your kids to have free reign over the backyard, but not at the expense of being hurt if they run into your HVAC system's outdoor cabinet. To keep your kids from getting hurt and your cabinet from being damaged, consider adding barriers around the cabinet. These barriers can range from natural shrubbery to a small fence with a padlock for extra security.

Switch to Plastic Registers

Metal register slats can pose a cut risk due to their sharp edges, especially if they're not installed as securely as possible. However, you can completely eliminate this risk by replacing your traditional metal supply registers with registers made from a durable plastic. These registers not only lack the sharp edges that can easily cut through a child's skin, but they also take rust and corrosion out of the equation.

Add Traps to Catch Fallen Objects

It's not uncommon for children to drop food, toys and other objects into floor registers. Some of these items can go on to spoil or simply create noise throughout your HVAC system. Adding mesh traps underneath your registers can help prevent these items from making their way into your HVAC system.

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