3 Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC Filter

Your HVAC system's filter works to remove dust, pollen, pet dander and other small particles from your home's air supply, increasing air quality. However, HVAC air filters are not able to last forever and will need to be regularly replaced as they become clogged with airborne debris to ensure that your HVAC system can continue to operate properly and will continue to improve your home's air quality. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with an HVAC filter that is clogged can help you figure out when you should consider replacing it.

1. Allergy Symptoms

One of the most common and hardest to miss indications that your HVAC filter is overdue for a replacement is if you notice that your allergy symptoms are flaring up chronically, especially if this is happening out of regular allergy season. This usually means that your air filter is too clogged to properly remove more debris from your home's air supply, reducing your air quality and aggravating your allergies as a result. The same principle applies to asthma and other respiratory conditions that may be affected by lowered air quality.

2. Dirty Vents

Another sign that you should consider replacing your HVAC filter is if you notice that there is a significant build up of dust and other debris around your vents and throughout your home. Dirty vents mean that your air filter is either clogged or torn and thus is unable to remove contaminants from your air supply. In fact, depending on how dirty your vents are, you may want to talk to an HVAC professional about cleaning your ductwork as well as replacing the filter to ensure that any remaining debris and dust that may be stuck in your HVAC system is removed.

3. Increased Energy Bills

Another indication that your HVAC air filter is in dire need of replacement is if you notice that your monthly energy bills are increasing despite no corresponding change in your HVAC system's settings. This means that the airflow is reduced through your HVAC system, which means that your system has to work for longer periods of time to provide the same level of climate control to your home, driving up energy costs without changing interior comfort levels. Replacing your air filter becomes the smart financial decision since the cost of a replacement filter will be much lower than dealing with higher monthly bills for an extended period of time.

For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair service.