Time To Check Your Furnace! What You Need To Do To Prep For Winter

Your furnace needs to be ready for these colder months. Do you know what to do, or do you need to hire a heating service? Actually, it is a little of both. Before you have the main electrical and heating components of the furnace checked out, you can do all of the following.

Replace the Filter

So many homeowners forget to do this one simple thing that can really make a difference in the air quality in your home during the colder months. In fact, if you change your furnace filter using a higher quality, allergen-preventive type of air filter, you can replace the filter less often and have even better air circulating through the house. Most super-cheap air filters have to be replaced every month, but the allergen reduction filters, which are more expensive, only have to be replaced every other or every third month. Whichever kind of filter you choose, be sure to replace the current filter in your furnace before the really cold days start so that your furnace can work effectively and keep the hot air free of dust and allergens.

Check Your Fuel

If your furnace is not an electrical one, check the fuel source. For gas furnaces, this means looking and smelling for leaks. For propane and oil furnaces, this means checking the fuel tanks and making sure that the tanks are full. Really cold and very harsh winters tend to use up fuel quickly, and you do not want to be caught off-guard by a half-empty fuel tank.

Test the System

Like most people, your furnace has probably been off all summer and part of fall. Before you turn it on full blast for late fall and winter, test it. Turn it on during a cool night to see if it can warm the house and listen for unusual sounds. If everything sounds okay and the house is nice and cozy, then you know that the furnace should be working just fine all through winter. If the furnace makes weird noises or your thermostat and home register a much cooler temperature than expected when you left the furnace on all night, there is probably something seriously wrong with it. It is better to find out now than part way into winter when the whole house will freeze. It is also much easier to get it replaced now than, say, during a big blizzard

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