What To Consider When Adding A Bathroom To Your Garage

If your kids are getting older and you need an additional bathroom in your home, you might decide to have a bathroom installed in your garage if you're short on space. A small bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower may be all you need for increased convenience when everyone gets ready for work and school in the morning. Here are some things to consider about putting a bathroom in the garage.

Heating The Garage In The Winter

If you put a bathroom in your garage, you may want to finish the garage so you can heat it in the winter. Otherwise, it may be too cold for an early morning shower. Also, pipes might freeze in the winter if you run them through the walls. Your plumber will install the pipes the best way to prevent freezing, which might be running them under the floor. If you plan to heat the garage, then you'll probably want to insulate it to make climate control more affordable. Since you may not be allowed to connect to your HVAC system, you'll need an alternate form of heating, and you'll need to factor that into your costs.

Following Codes

There are several codes to follow when it comes to installing a bathroom. You won't have to worry about knowing them as they are something your plumber will follow automatically. However, you may want to know the codes if you're planning the layout of the bathroom yourself. You might not be able to squeeze the room into as small of a space as you thought. A toilet and shower have a required minimum clearance that has to be considered when you're figuring out where to place them. In addition to following building codes when installing the bathroom, you'll need to get a permit for the work and then have an inspection by the city after the bathroom is installed.

Installing The Drain

Connecting a garage bathroom to a drain system can be a challenging part of the installation. This might require busting up the floor to install drains. Another possible option is to build a raised floor so the drains can be placed under it. However, since the garage wasn't built with plumbing in mind, it may not have the proper slope for natural drainage. The plumber has to work these details out along with how to connect to your home's pipes and vent system to make sure the water and toilet are hooked up properly and won't give you problems in the future.

Installing a bathroom in your garage might be more complex than installing a bathroom in your house, but when you're short on space, it's worth it. Having an extra bathroom is almost a necessity when you have a large and growing family. Contact a contractor service, like Sherwood Mechanical Services, for more help.