Preparing Your Kid For Heating Emergencies When They Move Out

Do you have a teen that's getting ready to head off to college or move into their very first home of their own? If so, do you worry that they won't be prepared for the emergencies that can and will arise while they're on their own? Does your teen know what to do in the event of a loss of heat in the middle of winter? Here, you'll find a short list of things to make sure your kid knows before he or she heads off to make a life of their own.

Emergency Heating Repair Contractor Contact Information

Not every HVAC technician takes emergency calls. Make sure that you spend some time looking over the contractors in the area where your kid will be living. Have him or her help you go through the list and find the contractors that offer emergency heating repair.

Once you find the companies that offer emergency services, take some time to do some online research. You'll find reviews from previous customers for most companies these days.

Save a list of three contractors to their phone. This way, if one isn't available, they have two others to try before they need to begin the research process over again.

Electric Space Heater                                                                                                

Your kid should have at least one electric space heater tucked away in their new home. This will help them to keep warm during heat outages. Just make sure that they fully understand space heater safety. Tell them never to leave it on when they're not home, to keep it away from all fabrics and flammable materials, and to never use an extension cord to power the heater.

Plumbing Awareness

Most teens have no idea that pipes can freeze when there is no heat in the house. Tell your kid to keep a faucet dripping if they lose heat and to open the cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen to expose the pipes to as much warmth as possible.

Maintenance Requests

Another thing that takes some teens a minute to learn is that if they're renting an apartment or home, the problems that they have in the home must be reported to the landlord or maintenance person. Failure to report the problem could result in your kid having to foot the bill for repairs that otherwise would have been covered.

Preparing your kid for these situations will not only help them, it will help you feel better about them being out on their own. Take the time to do it and everyone will feel much better.