2 Reasons Your Furnace Will Not Work When Nothing Is Actually Wrong With It

When your house suddenly feels really cold and you realize that your furnace has not kicked on for a while, you will probably instantly rush to the thermostat to see what the temperature is in your home. If the temperature reading is much lower than it should be, or if the thermostat shows no reading at all, you might instantly call an HVAC repair company for help. While there is always a chance that there really is a problem with your furnace, here are two reasons you may be having trouble with it when nothing is actually wrong with it.

The Circuit Tripped

In your house, you will have a circuit breaker box. This box contains all the circuits for the electricity of your home, but a breaker will stop providing electricity to areas of your home if it gets tripped. If the breaker that operates your furnace somehow ended up tripped, this could be your problem. There is no way your furnace will work if the breaker going to it is tripped. Therefore, this is always the first thing to check when you feel like your furnace is not working. If you see a tripped breaker, slide it off and then on again to see if this causes the furnace to kick in and start running.

The Thermostat Is Not Working

A second thing that can often cause you to think your furnace is not working is a bad thermostat. The thermostat in your home is a very small device in comparison to your furnace, but it also plays a huge role in the operations of your furnace. If a thermostat is not functioning properly, it will prevent the furnace from kicking on and off at the right times or from kicking on and off at all. A thermostat can go bad from a bad battery, a problem with the wiring, or just age. If you can replace the battery, you might see that the furnace now kicks on. If there is another issue with the thermostat, you would need to contact a company for repairs as you may need to replace this device in order to get the furnace working again.

Whenever you discover a problem that appears to be your furnace, you should check these two things first. If your furnace has a power button on it, this is another good thing to check. If you still have issues, call a company like Soco Air Conditioning to find out what is going on with your system.